How Digital Dragons Accelerator works?


When working with studios that have entered our Accelerator, we use proven methods practised during the seven previous editions of the programme organised by the Krakow Technology Park. We are also constantly looking for new forms to increase the effectiveness of our activities. Learn about the key moments of the acceleration process and see what you can expect at specific stages.


We provide you with a recruitment form which will be the basis for further activities. We publish information on our selection criteria on the website. We profile our programmes, designing them to meet the needs and specificities of studios producing games for mobile devices or computers/consoles. As a rule - we invite teams that have a playable build.

Selection and evaluation

Our experts analyse the applications, contact the studios and obtain additional information. The final stage consists of individual in-depth interviews or a joint Selection Day, during which the teams present themselves and their projects. Finally, we announce the list of studios we want to invite to participate in the Digital Dragons Accelerator.


1. Contract

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We sign a contract under which we will collaborate for the next months.

2. Welcome Day

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During the Welcome Day, we get to know each other among the participants of the programme, which usually constitutes 8-10 teams. Together we set individual acceleration milestones for each team.

3. Milestones

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Within the planned timeframe and with the support of our team, the studios reach the agreed milestones – we discuss them together on an ongoing basis.

4. Workshops

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Participants take part in periodic workshops organised by us – classes are generally held remotely. The workshops are led by industry experts, including representatives from the Digital Dragons Accelerator. We focus on practical content related to business development, production management, publisher and investor relations, legal aspects, player acquisition, marketing.

5. Feedback Day

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A separate opportunity for business networking and project consultations is the Feedback Day, during which teams meet in rotation in half-hour iterations with experts from various fields for individual feedback throughout the day.

6. Community on Discord

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We are in constant contact with the participants and graduates of our Accelerator through, among other things, a special channel on Discord where we exchange information, share knowledge and learn from each other. This is also an additional source of information about competitions for indie game developers, available grants, industry tidbits or event discounts.

7. Cooperation with Partners

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We work closely with partners, which creates new business opportunities for the programme’s participants – e.g. getting investments, releasing a game or work for hire. 

Final - Demo Day

At the end of the acceleration process we organise an event where studios present their games. This is both the impressive culmination of a period of hard work and a great opportunity to connect with potential publishers, investors, media and game industry representatives. Some of our Demo Days are international in nature.

Games of our graduates - watch the video


This is not the end of the collaboration. We continue to stay in touch and look for further development opportunities for the teams: we invite them to exhibit their game at the Digital Dragons conference, inform them about opportunities to participate in trips abroad and other valuable activities. We follow the careers of our graduates and try to support them promotionally.