Discover the galaxy of successful pitching!

Pitch Odyssey

Are you looking for a path to gamedev constellation? Do you love the RPG genre? Want to improve your idea presentation skills?


Pitch Odyssey is an innovative learning tool with a sci-fi vibe, inspired by RPG textbooks, that will allow you to improve your pitching skills. Presenting ideas is a key skill in the games industry, so take Digital Dragons Accelerator experience and develop it in a fun format. Before seeking investors, publishers and media exposure - learn how to present your game effectively!

Cosmonaut, meet the perks of Pitch Odyssey!

Plot in a sci-fi climate

Visit "Investoria" and "Publishaan" - planets inspired by the reality of the games industry. It is on them that you will develop your presentation skills!

Learning through play

Throughout the odyssey, you will encounter numerous main and side quests that will allow you to discover the secrets of successful pitching, all in the setting of a space adventure.

Original illustrations

Experience a sci-fi atmosphere with the graphic layer of Pitch Odyssey. Sebastián Silva Garriga is responsible for the illustration of the project and Amanda Mora Klein for the overall graphic concept.

Digital Dragons Accelerator experience

Benefit from the years of experience of Digital Dragons Accelerator programme, which has explored many a gamedev planet! It's a guarantee of practical tips and avoidance of common mistakes.


Discover Pitch Odyssey where it suits you best. You can display it on your computer screen, phone or even print it out.

For single player, but not exclusively!

Embark on a journey as a lone shooter and then share the materials with the rest of the team - you'll all gain and be ready to present your ideas!

Join us on this journey with Pitch Odyssey!